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by Charyn & Frezzato
    General info about comics:
  • Story: Jerome Charyn
  • Art: Massimiliano Frezzato
  • Original title: Margot
  • Original language: French
  • Original French publisher: Comics USA
  • Genre:

cover: Margot in Badtown
  • Margot in Badtown

    Original title: Margot in Badtown, 1991
    Publisher: Tundra (USA), 1991
    Format: Hardcover, 248x326 mm, 54 pp, color
    Printed in Italy

cover: Margot: Queen of the Night
  • Margot: Queen of the Night

    Original title: Margot queen of the night, 1995
    Publisher: Heavy Metal (USA), 1997
    Format: Hardcover, 210x284 mm, 63 pp, color

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