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Nathan Never

    General info about comics:
  • Original title: Nathan Never
  • Original language: Italian
  • Original Italian publisher: Sergio Bonelli Editore
  • Genre: Science-Fiction, Horror
  • Covers published in US edition are not original.

cover: Nathan Never 1
  • Nathan Never 1

    Story: Michele Medda
    Art: Nicola Mari

    Original title: Vampyrus, July 1993 -- (No 26)
    Publisher: Dark Horse (USA), March 24, 1999
    Format: Paperback, 133x222 mm, 102 pp, B&W

      Something has slaughtered the crew of the space lab Demeter. Only the lab animals and one man, Vlad Schreck, were fortunate enough to survive the attack. Now it's up to Agent Nathan Never of the Alpha Detective Agency to discover what happened aboard the Demeter before the terror strikes again.

cover: Nathan Never 2
  • Nathan Never 2

    Story: Bepi Vigna
    Art: Stefano Casini

    Original title: Cuore di tenebra, August 1993 -- (No 27)
    Publisher: Dark Horse (USA), April 21, 1999
    Format: Paperback, 133x222 mm, 96 pp, B&W

      Nathan is assigned to go into the jungle; his mission: bring back Professor Korzeniowsky, the brilliant scientist who has spent half a decade in the jungle, working on a cure for a fatal disease that plagues the inhabitants of the area. Until recently, it was thought that the professor had disappeared, perhaps died. But recent rumors purport that the professor has joined up with the natives, something that the nearby pharmaceutical industry does not want to happen.

cover: Nathan Never 3
  • Nathan Never 3

    Story: Michele Medda
    Art: Gemano Bonazzi

    Original title: Dirty Boulevard, January 1994 -- (No 32)
    Publisher: Dark Horse (USA), May 26, 1999
    Format: Paperback, 133x222 mm, 96 pp, B&W

      The "Dirty Boulevard" has a way of affecting the lives of all those who come in contact with it. Drugs, extortion, burglary, and murder are an everyday occurrence on the Boulevard. And it's up to Nathan Never to see that no crime goes unpunished. At times it seems like Nathan's work on the Boulevard will never be done...

cover: Nathan Never 4
  • Nathan Never 4

    Story: Michele Medda
    Art: Stefano Casini

    Original title: Tragica ossessione, May 1994 -- (No 36)
    Publisher: Dark Horse (USA), June 23, 1999
    Format: Paperback, 133x222 mm, 96 pp, B&W

      A human data bank, a rememberer, has been murdered and his head has been removed. Within the severed skull lies top-secret infomation and it's up to agent Nathan Never to find out who killed the man and where his head has gone.

cover: Nathan Never 5
  • Nathan Never 5

    Story: Michele Medda
    Art: Nicola Mari

    Original title: I figli della notte, July 1994 -- (No 38)
    Publisher: Dark Horse (USA), July 21, 1999
    Format: Paperback, 133x222 mm, 112 pp, B&W

      A Goth pop star named Tadeusz is driving young people to imitate vampires and kill people. When a young girl named Mina is inducted into Tadeusz's army of darkness, Nathan Never is hired to track her down and bring her back. Will he be able to save her before she loses her soul? Join Nathan Never as he journeys into the shadows and find out.

cover: Nathan Never 6
  • Nathan Never 6

    Story: Antonio Serra
    Art: Nicola Mari

    Original title: La biblioteca di Babele, July 1995 -- (No 50)
    Publisher: Dark Horse (USA), Aug 25, 1999
    Format: Paperback, 133x222 mm, 144 pp, B&W

      Knowledge is power. And libraries are the key to that power. But what if someone were keeping that power hidden, hoping that one day they would control all information? In Nathan Never's world someone is doing just that and it's up to Nathan to find the hidden library and make its valuable knowledge available to the masses once more. Join Nathan Never on this unique adventure into the Babel Library!

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